About Us

Indiana Celtic Community was formed in 2008 to connect groups and individuals. Relying heavily on word of mouth, volunteers, and Celtic enthusiasts- we learn about what is going on around Indiana.

We have created the Bloomington Irish Language Group, which has twice hosted Bloomington Celtic Culture Weekend. This 3-day event features collaboration between Celtic groups and has focused on Irish (Gaelic) language immersion.

We are a small organization with a big mission. We are currently restructuring how our methods of information intake and distribution work. We have quickly outgrown our mailing list software, our website layout, and much more. We are currently collaborating with individuals around Indiana to create and promote Irish language study groups like the one in Bloomington. While a need for Irish language programming was our catalyst, we hope that a variety of individuals and Celtic organizations will come to the table (as they have started to do) to make Indiana a great place for the types of activities we love.